Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Kodappan-Kadala Koottan (Banana flower - chick peas curry)

Keralites put every single part of a banana tree to good use.....the leaves are used to serve food on....the trunk is used to make delicious thoran....the fruit, of course, is eaten raw....or in the case of plantains, also steamed.....and the flower, well, it's the flower that takes center stage here today.
Taking the florets apart, removing the stamen in the middle of the sure is hard work...but the end result is absolutely worth it.

What u need:
Kodappan(Banana flower) - 1
Chick peas(dark brown variety) - 1 handful (soaked overnight)
Tamarind concentrate - 1 tsp
Turmeric powder - a little
Urad dal - 2 tsp
Red chilli - 4 or 5
Pepper corns - a few
Coconut - 3/4 cup
Tuar dal - 1/2 cup, cooked
Jaggery - a small piece
Curry leaves - to garnish

Separate the banana florets(these are seen when you remove the reddish outer covering), remove and discard the stamen in the center of each floret, chop and cook along with chick peas. Then add the tamarind concentrate, turmeric powder, salt and boil for a few minutes. If you are not using concentrate, then boil until the raw smell of tamarind is gone.
Fry red chillies, urad dal and peppercorns in some oil. Grind it along with coconut to a smooth paste. Add this ground paste to the curry. Simmer on medium heat for a few minutes. Then add the cooked dal and jaggery....stir everything together and heat for just a minute or two. Garnish with fresh curry leaves.
Serve hot with rice.

This is my entry to the Curry Mela hosted by Anthony's Bachelor Cooking


Prema Sundar said...

Hi jayashree,
banana flower- chick peas curry is new to me... Vazhaipoo kuzhambu using banana flower and coconut milk without chick peas.. this recipe is very different and healthy one. thanks for the recipe.

archana said...

I have never tried Kodappan with chickpeas, will try this out for sure. Thank you for the recipe Jay.

Foodie's Hope said...

I love chick peas recipes but I have never tried banana flower . So something new to try..Thanks :)

KrishnaArjuna said...

Great recipe Jayashree..never tried it before

Vaishali said...

This combination is very exotic for me. I have never eaten banana flower yet. Let's see when I manage to do it. :)

Jayashree said...

Prema...yes it definitely is a healthy protein packed recipe with chick peas in it.
Archana, do let me know how it turns out if you try it out.
Krishna,thank you.
Asha, Vaishali...banana flower tastes real should try it some time.