Monday, February 02, 2009

I call it kurma

So, what's the difference between a kurma and a korma??? If you are like me, you just overlook the difference in the spelling and set about making it knowing that you can throw in a little bit of everything that you have and come out with a satisfying and tasty dish.

What you need:
Chopped veggies - 1 cup (I used carrot, beans, & potato. Other veggies that can be used are capsicum, cauliflower, beets, peas...)
Tomato - 2 large, ripe ones
Onion - 1 large
Ginger - a fairly large piece
Garlic - 4 or 5 cloves
Red chilli - 2 or 3
Cashew - a handful
Cardamom - 4 or 5 pods
Clove - 4
Star anise - 1
Cinnamon - a small piece
Corrainder - a handful for grinding and some chopped for garnishing
Turmeric powder - 1/4 tsp

Did you know there's a really, really easy way to peel garlic esp when u have to peel a lot of it? Just pop it in the microwave for 10 seconds and see how easily the peel comes off.
Also, make a few cuts on an onion and microwave it for 30 seconds to get rid of the raw smell and to escape watering eyes.
This is especially useful in recipes like this one where the onion is ground without sauteing it first.
Cook the veggies with enough water in a microwave/stove top. Grind together all the other ingredients except turmeric powder and salt to a smooth mixture. Heat a tsp of oil in a pan. Add some cumin seeds to it. When the seeds sputter, pour in the ground mixture, reduce heat and stir for a few minutes until the raw smell goes away. Now add in the turmeric powder, salt and cooked veggies. Let it boil for few minutes until the flavours blend together well. Garnish with chopped corriander leaves.


jayasree said...

kurma or korma, call by any name, as long as it is tasty. Yours looks very creamy and delicious.

Happy cook said...

Yo may call what ever you want as they looks so yummy delciious :-)

sra said...

That's a real, easy peasy recipe! Kurma, korma, kormah, just like kabab, kebab, kebob :-)

sra said...

And useful tips there - I usually put the garlic on the lid of the pressure cooker so the skin comes away easy and papery.

notyet100 said...

nice tips,..wuill use them while peeling garlic nd choppin tomatoes,..kurma looks delicious,..

Asha said...

South Indians mostly say Kurma/Kuruma but Mughals called it Qorma/Kurma. Whatever the name is or whatever we call it, I love the dish. Looks mouthwatering, love spicy Kurmas! :))

sowmya said...

whatever the name..that looks so delicious..will make this for my rotis today..

Adlak's tiny world said...

yr kurma/korma/kuruma sounds very tastes rather than it spells. creamy and yummy.

Next time dont forget to invite me when u prepare this ok.

Andhra Flavors said...

kurma looks very creamy and delicious. really its a easy and tempting one

Prema Sundar said...

nice tips for peeling garlic...
korma looks creamy and nice.

Radha Ramaswamy said...

yours looks very appetising

Dibs said...

There is a Qurma as well! Well noboy calls it Karma yet! I liked the tip on onions!