Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Restaurant review - Little Italy Ristorante, Chennai.

112,Eldorado building, Nungambakkam high Road, Chennai.
Ph :42601234
It is opposite Pizza Corner on Nungambakkam H.R.

Mostly Italian and also some Mexican food....the entire menu is vegetarian. Both the cuisines have been Indianised to suit the local palate but it does taste good. The minestrone soup, which incidentally, is my favourite soup, was a huge disappointment. I was expecting an Olive Garden style soup, but what they served turned out to be greenish and watery. Other than that, the rest of the dishes we ordered turned out to be quite good. The risotto and penne with sun dried tomatoes and sauces were both good, though the quantity is much too less for the price that you pay. The Quesidillas looked like they were made using rotis instead of tortillas....but tasted quite alright.
The service is just about average. The wait staff (at least some of them) seem to have trouble with both English and Tamil. I asked the lady who waited on our table a question about a dish and she just said yes and walked off. I also had to wait an extra 10 minutes to get an plate for my daughter despite the fact that several waiters were walking around setting tables and I was told that I would have to wait for "Just one minute".
That said, the ambience and the food made enough of an impression to make me want to go back.

How much should you expect to pay???
About Rs 600 - 650 for two people.

Do make reservations, especially on weekends, because the place does tend to get quite crowded.


Asha said...

I hate when the waiters ignore you or don't pay attention, no matter how great the food is.
Same here at Woodland's. We drive 100 miles to go there and the staff just ignore the customers as if they couldn't care less you are there! Weird!!
They are in Chennai and don't speak English or Tamil? Man, are you sure they are humans atleast!:D

Anonymous said...

ohh and I have been wanting to go there....

Nandita said...

The first of the Little Italys in Juhu is quite near our place in Bombay...while the menu is extensive, portions large and food quite good, i find it a tad too expensive for being just another chain restaurant...we paid almost 6000 for a group of 5, including a bottle of Indian wine...and that felt like a real case you go a second time, try their gnocchi maincourse, which will well suffice two, they make it without eggs and it tasted yummy!

Arundathi said...

I've been wanting to go there, but think I've changed my mind now. I hate paying for bad service and average food! Thanks for the honest review!

Bhuvana said...

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shan tait said...

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