Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Healthy Lunchbox Ideas - Paneer - Roundup

Though late, the round up is finally here. Thank you everybody for sending in these wonderful entries. I have many of them bookmarked to try over the weekends. The round up is done in random order.
First, we have Harini who has sent in her yummy, perfectly triangular paneer onion stuffed kulchas.

Priya's paneer bhurji is quick to make, and sure to make even the most finicky kid ask for more.

Rajitha shares her paneer vegetable fried rice, which is sure to bring a happy smile to the face.

Saraswathi shares with us five wonderful entries. Do check out her
potato paneer peas pulav,

simple paneer peas pulao,
paneer bhurji,

matar paneer
palak paneer

No one can say NO to this delectable whole wheat homemade paneer pizza that Harini has brought in.

Kaveri's methi paneer pulao has earned her a lot of praise from her family and her kids always empty their lunch boxes when this is packed in it.

Shoba's Kesaria Paratha is so beautifully presented that people are likely to lap it up as soon as they see it.

Shoba also sends in a carrot paneer toasted sandwich.

Khushi sends in something that made even her mother-in-law happy & excited. Her grilled corn paneer pizza has passed the mother-in-law test and so, is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Kalyani, the brain behind this event has me drooling over her tempting entries. Take a look at her Paneer Mutter,
Paneer Manchurian

Raisin & Paneer Pulao

Paneer pulao seems to be a popular dish in this round-up. Sravani sends us her version of this dish.

Kalyani shows us What's Cooking on her blog with this paneer potato curry

There's something about the combination of green peas and paneer that sets the stomach rumbling. Swetha tells us how she cooks this combo for her family.

Nirmala sends us her crispy paneer dosa - an interesting twist to the traditional dosa.

Aparna has chosen ingredients that both her son & husband love, to cook this delicious Paneer Mushroom Masala.

Vardhini shows us three different ways in which paneer can be used as a side dish.
Check out her paneer koftas in gravy,

healthy mutter paneer

& spaghetti with paneer balls.

The final entry is from Denny who gives us a fool proof, easy, versatile and simple recipe to make Grilled Paneer & Veg Tikkas.

I would like to thank all of you for sending so many entries my way and to thank Kalyani for giving me the opportunity to host this event.