Friday, September 26, 2008

Restaurant review - Azulia

At the GRT Grand
120, Thyagaraya rd,
T Nagar, Chennai.
Phone : 28150500

Mediterranean food

Would I go back there???
That's a definite, loud YES!!!
Their menu is extensive and is presented well with details on what goes into each dish. The waiters (atleast the one who waited on us) was quite informative about the dishes. They don't have a choice as far as soups go - there's only the Veg/non-veg soup of the day. On the day I went, there was Fava bean soup and it tasted awesome. There's a whole lot of starters (hot and cold mezze) on the menu and I'd love to go back and try out more of those. What I did try was called Bourak bel jibneh and it was a kind of crisp cigar shaped roll stuffed with veggies. The french bread and pickled brinjals that they start you off with are finger licking good. For the main course, I tried a dish with couscous, the name of which I can't remember. What I do remember is the taste. All the dishes were only mildly spicy - nothing like our hot, spicy Indian dishes, but it definitely scored high on the taste meter.
You should go in expecting to spend about Rs. 1000 per person. The portions are small as in they are not meant for sharing. It is just right for one person. Service, as it always is at GRT, is fantastic. The waitstaff are all dressed in Mediterranean costumes. It would be good if the interior was also done up in keeping with that theme.
Oh....and I love the fact that as I was leaving the restaurant, the lady at the reception came up to me and gave me a little paper bag with an Azulia apron in it :-))


Happy cook said...

Next time you should add a picture of the food you ate, then we can all drool one it :-)

mitr_bayarea said...


I wish I had known abt. ur blog a year before, so that we could have tried out these places. GRT is round the corner from my place, so will surely check this out next time.

sra said...

Rs 1,000 per person? That's really steep!

Jayashree said...

HC, I just feel weird taking pics of food at a restaurant.
Mitr, Azulia was started recently, just about a month back. Do try it out.
Sra, I is horribly expensive, but for a once-in-a-while indulgence, it is good too. Also,the price mentioned includes a glass of wine.

Nidhi said...

Jayashree! Azulia sounds like a nice place. Will try it out.

Priti said...

Thats a gud time I visit Chennai..will go there ;)

mycApitulation said...

NOT WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!!! Just got back from Azulia, spent 8000 freaking bucks for measly portions of food that wasn't half as good as it should have been! you get tastier food for 1/4th of the prize elsewhere.. Definitely NOT value for money, and will we go back there? NOOOO WAYY!!!

Jayashree said...

Mycap...was it really that bad??? I remember loving the food that I ate there....maybe their quality has gone down with time:-((

Jayashree said...

I have not been and dined at many places in Madras, but wondering if you have been to Amethyst and Cornicopia ?? Now where are these eating places located ??...Amethyst in Gopalapuram I think and Cornucopia - no too sure. Maybe near TTK Road or something... I quite like the food at both the places. The best is at Amethyst they hve these ginger shots......too good.

Mathew said...

Amethyst and cornucopia are nice places and you go to Amethyst not just to eat, but also to enjoy Amethyst .cannot explain it. Amethyst is special. Lot of artsy people come there.

Cornucopia is nice, but cedars might be better. Lamb dishes are nice in Cncpia