Wednesday, September 10, 2008

This post of mine had a few people writing to me and asking me which my top choices for dining-out are. I thought the question was quite an interesting one and would now like to pose it to you, my readers. If you live in Chennai or have ever lived in Chennai or have anything at all to do with Chennai, please do let me know your top 5 restaurant choices in the city.

Edited to add :
Oops...I forgot to list out my favourites. Here goes:
Benjarong on TTK road for Thai food.
Osteria in Royapettah for Italian
Cholayil Sanjeevanam for healthy, ayurveda based food,
For North Indian food - The Dhaba (Mylapore), Dhaba Express,and Rangoli (Saravana Bhavan's exclusive Gujarati Restaurant)
For South Indian food - Murugan idli kadai , Ratna cafe
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Seema said...

Hey! I liked the reviews too... Keep them coming.
My choice from the limited time i have been here are...
Basera, Mansukh, Eden, Beach Palms & Sangeetha

Bharathy said...

What if I myself own a restaurant in Chennai, Jayashree?? ;)..
How would I do the rating?,,

Vaishali said...

Jayashree, I don't eat out much while visiting Madras because there are so many relatives waiting to indulge us with great home-cooked food, but on our last visit we had lunch at a wonderful little place called Murugan's Idli Shop on Chetty Road. They served the food on banana leaves and it was as delicious as it was cheap. What a great experience. I'd take it over any fancy restaurant any day!

dharmabum said...

ok, thats interesting. because i like different restaurant for different things - to me, its not just about the food. sometimes, if the food is mediocre and service good, i like to go there. if the food is excellent, but service unpleasant, i'll never set foot there :)

rajasthani dhaba, and new delhi restaurant, at anna nagar.

kartik centre at anna nagar - not a restaurant - one has to stand on the platform, but u get good dosais :)

gallopin gooseberry at greams road (ask for dexter - he's my fav, he's always smiling, and so i don't mind it even if the steak is a little over done!)

karpagambal mess near the mylapore kapaleeswara temple - dingy, but very simple and homely food.

that said, i must admit i am not an eating out person. i'd rather have my simple home food!

sansmerci said...

5 is too less a number for me :D u kno i v reviewed more than 65 restaurants til now :P lemme c
benjarong - thai
sangeetha adyar - chettinad tiffun
cedars - mediteranean/continental
kumarakom velacher - kerelan/north
vasanth bhavan nungambakkam - business buffet lunch is awesome

Priti said...

Hmm Let me just include whatever I like to eat. Savarna bhavan visit is a must for me whenever I visit Chennai ;) The best there is parotta and rava idli.
Next up is Ananad Bhavan,chat items are gud there.
Gangotri (forgotten the rd name) is gud for chat too
Do visit Pondy Bazaar Sarvana Bhavan, in the down floor they server this wonderful Gujurati Thali with so many dishes, al Carte is also gud there.
Ashok Ngr Chettinadu Restaurant is gud..will I remember few more..I'll add up ;)

Jayashree said...

Seema, I like basera and eden too. The dishes at Mansukh are a bit too sweet for my taste.
That's a tricky one, bharathy. Maybe I'll eat out there and do the rating for you :-))
Vaishali, I like Murugan idli kadai too. It really is tasty and pocket-friendly.

Jayashree said...

Dharma, thank you stopping by. Kartik center sounds promising.It's usually at places like this that they serve really good food.
Swarna,Iam yet to try Cedars.....that's next on my list.
Priti,Gangotri chaat really is awesome.

Archana said...

Hey i miss chennai these days and my favorites are
-->Hot Chips in Pondy bazar
-->Karpagambaal mess in Mylapore
-->Eden -Thiruvanmayur
-->Dhaba Express in Cenatoph road
-->Mansukh - Tnagar
-->Pizza Hut
-->Gangotri - Radha Krishnan salai
-->Shakes and Creams for ice creams -Adyar
-->Surya Sweets|Grand Sweets for (Sweets and snacks)
-->McRennet for bakery
-->Venkata Ramana poli stall- Tnagar

I used to like Drive-In.But i heard they have closed.

Good blog to share restaurant knowledge..jay..

Jayashree said...

Arch, yeah, it's a pity they closed down the drive-in.

Rachel said...

I love those restaurants myself...the italian one at royapettah is unheard to me..shall keep ur list in mind when we can't decide which place to go out for food..

Jayashree said...

Rachel, it's in Deccan Plaza. They converted the old bar into an Italian restaurant.

Me... said...


I am also a chennai freak and I simply love the city...These are a few of my favourite places...with my favourite entree`:

1)Eden Besant Nagar/Harrington : Vegetable Rice Pilaf with mushrooms and white sauce.

2) Mainland China : Ginger Capsicum Fried Rice with Broccoli, Carrots and Cucumbers in Chinese Parsley Sauce.

3) Balaji Bhavan T.Nagar: Simple CHinese Fried Rice and Onion Raitha.

4) Venkatramana Boli Stall: Coconut Polis and Mysore Bonda.

5) Surya Sweets - Dumrote Halwa.

6) Sangeetha: Pineapple Kesari.

7) Saravana Bhavan: Appam & Stew.

8) Karpagambal Mess: Keera Vadai.

9) Tongue Tinglers T.Nagar: Fried Rice & Mushroom Manchurian Gravy.

10) Annalakshmi: Preethy Bhojan.

11) Bindu Kayendhi Bhavan in Mandaveli: Chilli Parotta.



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