Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Restaurant review - Bombay Blue

45, College Road,

A hotch-potch of cuisines - Italian, Mexican, Lebanese and Indian

Would I go there again???
I went in expecting to find a lot of Bombay-ish stuff like chaats and street food, but found a menu that boasted food from four different parts of the world. The food is OK - not the kind that will have you raving about it, but not bad either. One of their specialities is the wide selection of sizzlers they offer. You will notice the smell of smoke almost as soon as you enter the restaurant. This is because nearly all the people who go in order a sizzler. We did too, and while I was not displeased with the way the sizzler tasted, I was not very excited about it either.
The soup that we ordered tasted more Indian than Italian, but it was good. The falafel and the sandwiches were good too. Again, nothing to rave about, but no rants either.
So, to answer my question - I wouldn't mind going back, but Bombay Blue is definitely not going to be my first choice if somebody were to ask me where I'd like to go.


sra said...

Apparently, this is a chain of restaurants - I'd never heard of it earlier, even in conversation about Bombay!

sansmerci said...

i dint find Bombay blue much intruiging either.. i guess u already kno bout if not its a nice site to read/write bout places in chennai. i write there.. ur welcome to read and my blog too

Gr blog u got here.. keep writing

mitr_bayarea said...


good review, so what would be your first choice place to eat in Chennai, asking so that we can include that in our next trip to Chennai- Thanks!

Priti said...

hmm I'll keep this in mind for my next chennai visit..thanks for review...

Bharathy said...

Can I repeat Mitr's question here??:)
BTW if you reside near Besant nagar, can you gimme an honest review abt Flamingo(a new restaurant in Ramaniyam arcade just above spencer's??) pressure..but can I look forward to the review pls??

Nidhi said...

I had read the review abt this place in TOI some months back. They too had rated this place average. Thumbs up to your review!

Jayashree said...

Sra, yes it is a chain. I wasn't aware of it either until I saw an ad in the paper.
Swarna, yes I do read your reviews on burrp and i write there myself.
Mitr, you got me thinking. There are so many places I love to eat at, but which one tops the list? I might do a post about it soon.
Priti, Nidhi, thx for the thumbs up.
Bharathy, I've not been there yet. Will definitely tell u how it is once I go.

Rachel said...

I pass by it every day but have never felt like going there....

Simran said...

I love Bombay Blue (the ones in Mumbai) for a quick bite. Its kitschy, but it's quickest good food you can find