Sunday, September 07, 2008

Restaurant review - Cholayil Sanjeevanam, Nungambakkam, Chennai

97, Nungambakkam High Road,
Nungambakkam, Chennai.

Healthy, vegetarian food.

Would I go back there?
I've been to Cholayil a few times now but it is only today that I got to taste their "Rajakeeyam meal" which is basically a South Indian vegetarian thali that serves healthy food. The food is served in a certain order and you are expected to eat it in the same order. First, there's a small bowl with cut up nenthrapazham(ripe plantain) and grated coconut, followed by a colourful array of juices (dates, nut milk, haritha buttermilk, vegetable juice and rice bran water). Once you down all of these, you are served four kinds each of uncooked veggies, semi-cooked veggies and fully cooked veggies in that order. You are not given water even if you ask for it, because they say that water fills up the stomach and hampers digestion. It is given to you only at the end. Once you are done with all of these, you are almost full. That's when red rice and parippu (dal) make an appearance. Then comes white rice with sambar, rasam, morkozhambu and buttermilk.
This is followed by payasam. The meal ends with a spoonful of honey poured into your hand.
The meal leaves you pleasantly full and it is nice to sit down and eat in an orderly fashion once in a while. There is no cloying sense of oil or fat that you leave with at the end of the meal.
At Rs. 120 a meal, it is good value for the money too.
However, if you do not like to be told that you should eat in the order that they ask you to, this restaurant is not for you. For me, it was a pleasant experience and I enjoyed the food.


jayasree said...

I have heard abt this restaurant. Always wanted to try when I visit Chennai.

sansmerci said...

i loved sanjeevanam .. i wroter on burrp and got free movie tikets too :p ..

but i wnna try their evening snacks, always had the meals ..

sra said...

The novelty palls after a couple of visits - they rarely, if ever, change the vegetables served, even!

Jayashree said...

Jaya, do try it out next time.
Swarna, I've tried a few of their snacks - the karuveppalai idli is something I really liked.
Sra, even though they don't change their menu, I find it a welcome change from the usually overly spicy and laden-with-fat restaurant menus.

FoodyGuru (Srimathi) said...

Thanks for sharing this info. It is something different and its nice to leave any resturant without feeling heavy and having the oil/fat making you feel yucky. Must try this place the next time I visit.