Friday, April 23, 2010

Who is the better cook?

Recently, on a talk show that I watch, the older generation(mothers & MILs) and the younger generation were pitted against each other. They talked about different aspects of life which they approached with different styles. As is the norm with all things Indian, the conversation gradually moved on to food and who was better at cooking and serving it. Interestingly, both the groups were comprised entirely of females.
What I want to draw your attention to is this young man who was called up on stage and asked to choose between his mother's and his wife's cooking.
Who do you think he said is the better cook? More importantly, do you think it was right on the host's part to ask this question at all? How do you think he should have answered???


Finla said...

I think it is not good at all they ask the poor fellow the question. If he say his mom he will get hell from his wife , but then if he says his wife he will be disapointing his mom.
But then I think sometimes Mom are better cook but then duaghters are alos very good cooks. A tough question to answer.
I think there are dishes which I can't make which my MIL makes and likewise she cna't make something which i can make.

sra said...

Well, the host wanted to set the cat among the pigeons, I can see. And the guy would have said, for ABC it's my mom, and for XYZ, it's my wife. I wouldn't have had a problem with The Spouse saying his mother is a better cook, I think, as long as he didn't deride me - after all, she has years of experience over me - and we cook different things. As for this guy, I think he should tell the truth, or lie in favour of the more sensitive of the two women ... :)

Veggie Hut said...

Thats an interesting question and acontroversial one as well.. the older generation are no doubt the better ones for cooking traditional recipes.. but today generation are more adventurous with food.. have new ideas of fusion.. u see cant really point out who is better..

Indian Khana said...

Well I guess it's not gud to put the poor soul in such awkward situation...and my guess is he must have said..he love his mom's cooking ...(and if he was diplomatic...must have added my wifey is great cook too :p)..wht's the answer anyways? Post the answer in fb pls :p

Coin genius said...

Yes, i saw and know the answer. My hubby's answer was also the same(but i know the truth). My hubby expects water by side, when he eats, and when this point came in argument on show, we had same arguments as on show.

Archana Vivek said...

I think he must have said, "I don't want to create problems in my family."

Simplyfood said...

Poor guy who ever he picked he was sure to get a beating from one of the two wwomen.!!lolz
I think newer generation are more health oriented and adapt old and handed down recipes to suit the healthy lifestyle.Of course we can say without a doubt that nothing beats the tried and tested recipes of our elders.Both are unique and its good that we can cary on using these recipes by making them healthier.

suvi said...

Personally, I think too much is made out of this MIL - DIL 'who is the better cook' thing. I think it is rather silly to even be asking that question to anyone and esp on a talk show.
A lot of eating is memories and it is only natural that anyone - man or woman - would have that special place in their heart for their mother's cooking.
I love and crave my mom's cooking, wouldn't it be only natural for my husband to do so as well?!

I am curious though...what was his response?

Hema said...

I watched that too. Thought it was mean of the host (producers) and insensible of the guy to have said what he said in front of a full house. It actually made me uncomfortable to see a triumphant smile on the 'winning' party's side!

Renu said...

The question was dicey, but ma is elder and most of the time better cook also or may be one gets used to to ma;s food so likes it more..whatever...I dont think there is any wrong in wife should know and accept it gracefully, it would be lovely if wife and husband unite here in saying that.

Then MIL criticising DIL for her cooking is in bad taste, everyone is good or bad in different areas.
But I will say that life will be more enjoyable if eatleast one of the couple knows cooking well from the time of marriage...and here girls should be clear that they dont know anything(I mean if they dont)