Thursday, March 15, 2018

Kids' Delight Announcement - Travel food

If your family travels, whether on long vacations or short road trips, chances are, you have spent some time thinking of the food that you will eat while traveling. If your kids are anything like mine, you will not be surprised to hear them say "I am hungry" just as often as "Are we there yet?". Preparation is key to keep hunger at bay.
That brings us to this month's Kids' Delight theme - Travel Food. Any dish that you have tried and tested and has the seal of approval from your kids, which fits into the category of travel food can be sent in as an entry. It could be a quick snack, a complete meal, a home made ready-to-cook mix that you carry with you when you travel - basically, anything that will take the stress off planning meals and lets you enjoy your trip. It is totally optional, but would be great if you could share some food related travel tips and even some food related memories from your travels.

There are a few simple ground rules to follow when you send in your entries:
  • First off, feel free to send in as many entries as you want to.
  • Any entries posted from today through April 15th can be sent in.
  • The entries must be new posts - not from your archives.
  • Since my blog showcases vegetarian food, I would appreciate it if you could send in entries that fit in to the vegetarian theme. However, eggs are OK.
  • In your post, please make sure that you  add the line(with link backs) "This is my entry to Srivalli's Kids' Delight event guest hosted by Jayashree on the theme Travel Food". It is mandatory to link to both Srivalli's original announcement and this announcement of mine.
  • Please mail your entries with the subject line "Entry for Kids delight - Travel food" and a photo to
  • I would greatly appreciate it if you could add this logo to your post as well

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