Sunday, January 09, 2011

Now that you have told me

what it is that you dislike most about the cooking process, it is time for us to discuss what we really like about cooking. Why, in spite of not liking to chop, clean or garnish, do we still end up cooking?
For me, it is the satisfaction of getting food cooked just the way I like it and the sheer pleasure of inhaling the aroma of food being cooked.
Check out what my fellow marathoners Srivalli, Priya Suresh, Priya Vasu,Monika, PJ, Azeema and Reva are cooking.


Nazarina A said...

Hi Jayashree,

I have not visited here in a long time but would like to wish you a very happy culinary new year. But then again you really do not need luck where your cooking is concerned because you totally rock where flavorful food is concerned!
I am loving that tamarind rice in a few posts below!

The reason why I love to cook is to take ingredients to the power of infinity!

Srivalli said...

I think better than most things, I loved it when my family enjoys the meal..

notyet100 said...

cooking is like therapy for me,,i prefer to cook alone specially when my kid is speaking so that i enjoy cooking,.

Cilantro said...

I do not like the cleaning after the cooking, otherwise I enjoy every bit of cooking.

Monika said...

aroma... I love the aroma of the cooking and specially baking and then the looks on the face of people who eat that food