Thursday, June 13, 2013

School lunch box - Day 7

I am trying to use mangoes as much as possible before the end of the season. Truth be told, the reason mangoes make an appearance so often in the school lunch box and on our dining table has more to do with the fact that I bought a boxful of mangoes from a wholesale market and less to do with our love for the fruit.
Today, for her breakfast break, the little girl took Sabudana kichdi, for the lunch break - Curd rice and for her snack break, a chopped mango.


Uma said...

That's a healthy lunch box. looks delicious.

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Linda said...

Dear J, so happy to finally visit you again! I wish I were taking this for my work-day breaks ;) Love that array of goodies!

Amrut School said...

Make a creative and attractive meal or lunch box so child eat happily. It is the good way to eat all the nutrition.